neonious one: Finally introducing native TypeScript support!

neonious one is a microcontroller board, designed to run programs written in JavaScript ES6. We are proud to announce that with the latest software update, neonious one is now the first microcontroller board to also support user programs written TypeScript (=JavaScript with optional static typing and more) right on the board, without any help from additional software installed on the user’s PC.

neonious one is based on the ESP32-WROVER module, which provides the 240 Mhz dual core ESP32 microcontroller chip, 4 MB PSRAM and 4 MB Flash for the operating system. Another Flash chip on the back side of the very compact small board holds the file system for the user program and user data files.

neonious one, direct link to product page:

Easily write complex, scalable applications

neonious one runs low.js, a port of Node.JS with far lower system requirements, allowing the programs to use the feature rich non-blocking Node.JS API, making it easy to build complex IoT applications doing many things simultaneously. Also the low.js for ESP32 API to drive the many peripherials the board provides and interface sensors and motors with them is written in a 100 % asynchronous way.

Apart from TypeScript, neonious one already supports all ES6 language features. Program with promises, async/await, ES6 classes, everything is possible.

With the APIs and the supported language features, the neonious one is currently the most powerful JavaScript and now also TypeScript based microcontroller on the market.

Rapidly prototype applications

Most microcontroller applications are not that complicated, however. The on-board browser IDE + debugger, which can be accessed by simply pointing the web browser to the microcontroller’s IP address, frees the user from setting up tool chains and frameworks and syncing files in every iteration. Simply enter the code, in JavaScript ES6 or now also in TypeScript, upload data files and press Run.

When programming with TypeScript, typing errors are shown in real time while editing. Also, the fully featured debugger helps finding bugs fast.

The neonious one browser-based IDE + debugger

(You can still program with other IDEs on your PC and sync the files to the neonious one to run them if you wish. We provide the tool lowsync for this.)

Internet native device

neonious one provides both Wifi (150 MBit) and an 100 MBit Ethernet port. It is an Internet-native device: Handling the network interfaces, DHCP, DNS and NTP for time sycronization are handled by the OS, just like with a desktop PC.

All your user program has to do is create servers or connect to servers with the Node.JS API modules http, https, dgram or net.

Many peripherials and low power usage

neonious one is made for IoT: On the one side user programs have many options to communcate with the Internet. On the other side the microcontroller has many peripherials to talk with sensors and motors, all of which can be interfaced with the asyncronous low.js for ESP32 API:

  • 27 I/O pins
  • 11 of them provide accurate ADC (through the LPC co-processor on the back of the board, as ESP32 ADC is non-linear)
  • multiple UART, SPI, I2C and I2S
  • 2 Touch pins, Hall sensor

neonious one is a power efficient board making it perfect for battery powered installations. The board only uses around 160-240 mA with WiFi transmitting, and without WiFi just a fraction of that. When in deep sleep the board uses unter 1 mA.

Great! Where can I find more information / buy?

You can find more information on the neonious one on the neonious one product page.

You can also buy the neonious one from the neonious store right now.

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