• Hi, is it possible to use I2S with lowJs?
    Thanks for the info!

  • Hi!

    sorry, we have not developed a I2S module yet.

    The best chance for us to get to do it is that a company needs it for a project and thus sponsors the development. That is how CAN and other things came to existence.

    There are so many things to do...

    What do you need I2S for? Can you tell something about the project?



  • Hi,
    Nothing fancy. I'd like to create a clone of a toniebox with the esp for my personal use.
    I can do it with C++ / ArduinoIDE no problem.

  • I heard the rumor that the ESP32-WROVER is actually the module which is also inside the original Toniebox 🙂 Haven't opened the one of my kids to look into it however.

    In any case, good luck with the project.

  • Thanks. Shouldn't be a problem at all.
    I'll keep lowJs bokmarked. I'll for sure find a project in the future where it will fit 🙂

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