IDE and custom firmware

  • I tried to use the IDE with professionnel version and my custom firmware on WROVER.

    I have some troubles :

    • My application create some user factory files and I am obliged to logout/login the IDE to refresh the content of the file system.
    • I cannot use the start button because it does not find the source to start (all the sources are static), but the stop button works.

  • Regarding (1): Yes, the IDE file system view is not updated automatically. This is on the feature request list, but not much on the top.

    Regarding (2): The Start Button thing is more urgent.. To be honest, I haven't tested the IDE much after implementing static files.

    Both are put on the TODO List!

  • @ygageot
    for the IDE, a simple function in IDE File explorer context menu like 'refresh' is one option.

    Once (after an IDE manual clear), I discovered the lines in console doubled but I can't reproduce the behavior.

    If I have "factory_files": "datas/", in build configuration file, the content is pushed to the MCU as root, but if my application create on MCU datas/xxxxxx, after a lowsync sync, the full MCU /datas directory is sync inside the PC /datas directory.
    I understand but it is not very usable !

  • You can tell lowsync to exclude the datas directory from syncing, which you should do, because otherwise you have it twice on the microcontroller.

    Let me look up the setting in the next days...

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