Issue with establishing secure WebSockets

  • I'm having issues establishing a wss connection on the Neonious One.

    Running this program (based on this ws example as the simplest possible client)

    'use strict';
    const WebSocket = require('ws');
    const ws = new WebSocket('wss://');
    ws.on('open', function open () {
    ws.on('message', function incoming (data) {

    yields this error (on line 4, the creation of the connection):

    An fatal error has occured in the program:
    Error: alloc failed
    Program cannot continue.

    If I run the same program on another computer, the connection goes through without issue.

    Changing the echo server to ws:// fixes the problem, but I would really like to be able to send my data securely.

  • low.js for PC works, so cannot be a big problem, most probably it tries to use scarce internal memory.

    It's on my list, but not on the top. Will be on vacation next week so could take some time...

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