ESP-IDF code and low_native_api

  • Low.js does not offer access to bluetooth yet. Is it possible to use low_native_api to reuse a2dp_source example provided by esp-idf ?
    More generally it it possible to access esp-idf libraries from low_native_api ?

  • low.js currently does not support Bluetooth.

    You suggestion would not work, because the BlueTooth libs are currently not linked in. It would be faster to provide BlueTooth through the native API, because no JavaScript wrapper would have to be built. But still, it is some work to enable this. A lot of work, because not only must the libraries be added, the parameters and so on must be calibrated to fit well in the memory constraints of low.js (JavaScript uses lots of mem, etc).

    So it will take 2 or so weeks software development to do this, and I cannot spend this time for free.

    So effectively, Bluetooth will be available as soon as a company which uses low.js needs it and is willing to sponsor the development...

  • Thank you for this information. If someone knows ESP32 external and cheap alternatives based on SPI or other low.js supported protocol to provide bluetooth A2DP I'd be interested...

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