Controlling addressable LED strips (SK6812, WS2812)

  • I was wondering if anyone has experience and/or examples of projects using low.js to control addressable LED Strips like the SK6812 and WS2812.

    The only relevant information I could find was but it was closed without any real answer to the original question. It'd be great if it's possible to use something like node-pixel with low.js.

  • Hi!

    it did work at some point 🙂 These are WS2812:

    However, nobody requested it later on, so the support for WS2812 did not survive future developments.
    Somebody would have to have some need for this to actually pay development for this, because it is definitly some work getting it working well. For a hobby project I have to say that currently this is not possible.


  • That's too bad, I was hoping to use it in some hobby projects but looks like I'll have to take a stab at using Espruino for it since they do seem to have support through the neopixel library.

    Anyways, thanks for you answer and if this functionality is ever implemented I'd definitely love to check it out.

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