This documentation applies to all of our products:

  • low.js is a port of Node.JS with far lower system requirements. The Open Source version runs on Linux, uClinux and other POSIX systems.
  • low.js for ESP32 runs on the ESP32-WROVER which is a low-power microcontroller module with many peripherials, Wifi, Bluetooth and FCC/CE certification and costs of under $ 3. It is targeted at companies who wish to streamline the development of their IoT products, and reduce the unit costs on the way.
  • neonious one is the reference board for low.js for ESP32, and adds an Ethernet port, additional Flash space and an dedicated I/O controller to the ESP32-WROVER. It includes an sophisticated on-board browser IDE and is also available for hobbyists.


neonious one

  • Access your neonious one
  • The neonious one on-board browser IDE
  • Example projects

  • JavaScript features / ES 6
  • Node.JS API
  • low.js for ESP32 Peripherials API


Documents lowrmt, a tool to program the neonious one and other low.js for ESP32 based devices with external IDEs. Allows the user to sync directories to the device, change settings, start/stop programs and more.